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I'm pressing on, all my distress is going going gone... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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finals are almost here...and you know what that means... [Apr. 20th, 2006|09:47 am]
[Current Location |this is becoming sketchy like facebook and myspace..]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |my teacher lecturing is music to my ears..not haha!]

...it means that ill be updating my lj more regularly!!..maybe.. bc i hate studying and all things school. ok, not all things. but a lot. especially studying. im add. did i say studying? oh yeah. ok. see what i mean? totally not paying attention in advertising management. its my life. hopefully it wont hurt my grade. i mean, i already got a 47.5 on my midterm. dont forget that .5, its really helping me out. waaaay better than a 47. not. anyway, its been a slow week, but good. yesterday was katelyns 22nd bday. yay. we are old. get excited. today at athens academy some uga football players and the chaplain spoke and he was like "man, there are some big 8th graders here" and me and my middle school friends just laughed because im a grown-up and i get called a "big eighth grader." i tried to hold my keys in a way that they would see them so theyd at least know i was old enough to drive..

this weekend=work work work so as to pay off all the debt im in (debt to charmaine for paying the boot fee from when i got booted, debt to my mom for my many parking tix, debt to stuart for the crowder show)

next weekend=danielles wedding shower at my house!

i dont know why i update this. no one but katelyn reads it. haha.

hi katelyn.

peacin out to the l-ville area in about 7 hours for youth and birthday fun...

thanks jesus for being real and powerful and not fake or being "religion" but real and true and loving.
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wow, its amazing how much i WANT to update when i am superbored [Apr. 6th, 2006|04:06 pm]
[Current Location |journalism prison aka graphics lab seat k]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |the happy hum of people actually working]

some random thoughts of the day, while im trying to kill time in my graphics lab...dont worry, ive only done 2 of the 5 projects i have due in 3 class periods...

-boys are lame; they cause me to lose focus and really, at this point, i only like the IDEA of a guy, and not actually a particular one. so pretty much when i meet a guy who i actually like HIM and not the idea of him...then we'll be on to something...

-i can't wait for the beach: in less than 24 hours, i will hopefully be on my way to la playa with katelyn and my sis. i NEED the ocean! bring on the sand and sun!

-i need some good ideas for graphics..anybody? anybody? it has to be about maybelline and saving kids. ok, go!

-i have no money. way to give up a shift yesterday at wild wing just so i could go play tennis. yeah, way to go. now when my rent check goes through ill almost break even...and when i say even, i mean zero.

-today i was fifteen minutes late to every single thing i had...athens academy fca, breakfast w marisa, class, class again, class again, meeting up with todd and blake, graphics...yeah...its that kind of day.

-but despite all of my complaints (which are so stupid and unjustifiable if you think about it)...it is an amazingly beautiful day, i love spring, i have nothing without jesus, really.

-i love making new friends. thats not a new one, but a random thought nonetheless.

-now im going to reverse the trend and peace out from graphics 15 min early...(come on, its 2 hrs and 45 min long...)

peacin out to the beach in t-minus 20 hours...
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oh the bliss of sb2k6 in atown...i love it. [Mar. 14th, 2006|11:42 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |jimmy eat world, a sunday]

can i just say im eating ninja turtles fruit snacks. yeah i thought they were awesome too. so far my spring break has been as follows: welcome to my life of youth trips (this one was workcrew at sharp top aka one of the coolest places ever), then working at the wing, wild wing that is, followed by the next 48 hours of me forgetting what day it was because time seems to be moving slow or not at all, but somehow its already tuesday night... i love being able to sit on my porch and eat cereal and not worry about where i have to be next, go running for the first time in weeks, get my hair cut, chill, have breakfast movie nights, play pacman 2 player, and of course update the lj. yeah right, you didnt think this was actually a real post did you?? this is starting out as a really cool break. thank you jesus.

now on to the lameness that is lj...

sb 2k6 atown style...

1. Spell your middle name backwards: htebazile

2. Story behind your first name: my mom collects china called "aynsley" china. thats right, im named after a plate.

3. When's your birthday? 7.31.84

4. Where do you live: athens and lawrenceville

Describe Your:

5. Wallet: its shiny coppery from target.

6. Eyes: brown

7. Toothbrush: blue and white with the textured-y bristles

8. Jewelry Worn Daily: sometimes earrings, leather around my neck, my africa bead bracelet and the garage sale bracelet

9. Cell Phone: ghetto

10. Pillow Cover Right Now: orange

11. Car: holly the honda

12. Bedroom: extremely messy

13. Sunglasses: yes, a must while driving and sometimes for other fashion purposes

14. Shampoo: my hairdresser claudio yells at me bc i use herbal essences

15. Cologne and/or Perfume: burberry brit (perfume)

16. CD in stereo right now: jimmy eat world (actually its on my computer)

17. Piercings:just ears but i like nose

18. What you are wearing now? af sweatpants, tshirt

19. Wishing: i wasnt lame and doing this survey

20. Wanting: not much

21. What Are You Doing After This: going to sleep glorious sleep and sleeping in. who knows maybe ill go crazy and sleep past 9

22. If You Could Get Away with It and Murder Anyone, Who Would It Be and why: thats a sick question. but it makes me think about ppl like osama. im not gonna lie. but i still wouldnt do it.

23. Person You Wish You Could See Right Now: hm..i feel like im in middle school with that one.

24. Your Favorite Movie: pride and predjudice right now.

25. Something You're Looking Forward To In the Coming Week: doing a whole lot of nothing. believe me thats amazing.

26. Something You Just Ate: besides the ninja turtle fruit snacks i had an amazingly unhealthy "dinner" of cheese eggs, country ham, orange sweet rolls, and poptarts. yeah im the fat kid.

27. Something You Are Deathly Afraid of: staying at home alone. but im conquering that hopefully this week.

28. Do You Like Candles: yes

29. Do You Like Incense: only on wednesdays

30. Do You Like the Taste of Blood: seriously thats the dumbest question ive ever seen on one of these

31. Do You Believe In Love: yes very much so.

32. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: i dont really know.

33. Are You In Love?: with jesus. so cliche. but so true.

34. Do You Believe In Heaven?: heck yes i do.

35. Do You Believe In God: yes.

36. Do You Have a Tattoo? soon.

37. If You Could Eat Something Right Now, What Would It Be? im not very hungry, but im gonna go with something i cant eat every day like ritter sport peppermint chocolate (we used to eat it all the time in slovakia hence the weight gain over that summer for all of us haha)

38. Are You Addicted To Myspace: nope thank goodness i think it would be easy to be

39. Can You Eat with Chopsticks? yeah im asian at heart

40. What's Your Favorite Coin: quarters duh. then dimes. but nickels and pennies, what a waste of space.

41. What Are Some of Your Favorite Candies: sour patch kids, m&ms, those cadbury chocolate eggs that have the candy coating (not the gross gooey kind)

42. Favorite Soda: vanilla or cherry coke

43. What's One Thing You Wish You Could Understand Better: God

44. If You Could Turn Back Time, What Would You Change? prob nothing bc thats crazy to try and think about how everything would be different

45. If You Were Given a Gazillion Dollars, What's One Thing You Would Buy?: africa so i could fricken get rid of their crap govt and rebel losers.

46. Can You Cook?: poptarts and grilled cheese. ok, maybe a few other things.

47. Are You Shy Around Your Crush?: no just awkward. welcome to my life.

48. Favorite Flower: daisies and tulips.

49. Do You Know What It Feels Like To Be In Love: besides jesus, no.

50. Would You Sacrifice Your Favorite Possession For Your Best Friend: yeah. i mean i dont think i even have a favorite possession. but if i did and i wouldnt sacrifice it thatd be pretty lame.
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2006|10:10 am]

Emo Boyfriend
Favourite Color 
His Name Pierre
His Looks/Style Shaggy black hair, blue eyes, wears eyeliner, really skinny, pale, lip ring, band t-shirts, tight pants, and converse
How you met School
How he tells you he loves you Gives you flowers every day
What he calls you Love
How far you've gone just kissing and holding hands *blush*
This cool quiz by _shelovedaboy - Taken 345002 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

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katelyn im only updating this for you [Feb. 4th, 2006|11:56 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |iron and wine]

i really hate updating...can you tell? my last entry was something ridiculous like october 2 or 3rd...yeah. so what else to write? i dont know why i havent wanted to update. maybe because i dont know if i want everyone reading my life ya know? not that anyone reads this besides kate and maybe jack i dont know if even she does lj anymore...that was the original reason i did it ha. im tired (see katelyns entry). im skipping church tomorrow to sleep in. but i have to run by and pick up some forms for the fall retreat and the packing list (i feel like a highschooler again...). yeah the altaer retreat is this weekend in athens, so i get to drive to lville, pick up kids, and then drive back to athens. what fun. actually im pretty psyched for it. its a movie theme. im gonna be pippi longstocking so i dont have to buy an outfit...haha. tomorrow=superbowl ( which translates to cool commercials for me, who cares about the game?? oops did i say that outloud..) and 3 superbowl parties..ahhh..no im not that popular, one is my family's and one is my roomies/my guy roomies across the street haha, and the other one is up in the air if i will even make it there...so anyway, it should be action-packed. oh and probably the highlight of my life was friday as a whole...five star day with kim sitting in the sun (whats better than a garden club in the sun, you ask? nothing i can come up with!), then class (just an oversight), then the erc while my friend bailey showed me how to join his computer network and then he proceeded to drag a bunch of his music to my itunes. it was pretty frickin awesome considering my itunes more than doubled. and while i thought my morals were depleting the whole time, im convinced that if i really like the music im going to go buy the cds. someone please hold me to that. so iron and wine. awesome. pedro the lion. sweet. the arcade fire. really good. im so excited. and to follow the incredible-ness of the day was an impromtu roadtrip to auburn (cool fun trip to see my sis--for me, all business for katelyn...haha jk jk) but breakfast at 3 in the morning was sweet, going to bed at 530 and waking up at 830...not so much...ok im tired and just babbling on for no one to read except katelyn. yay.
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single and ready to mingle...or pray [Oct. 3rd, 2005|09:47 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |coldplay of course]

all i have to say is...there is an agreement about the "it" factor.

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the music at starbucks sucks because jeff left [Oct. 2nd, 2005|04:22 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |luckily the talking is too loud to hear it]

im tired. like i need sleep, but thats not really the problem. im just tired. but im definitely hopeful. i think thats how we live most of our lives. and its not a bad thing. and its not all the time. a lot of it is fast and exciting and energetic. but i think its a continual cycle of becoming tired and needing to be renewed.

though outwardly we are fading and wasting away, inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

made new again

i need to be new every day.

and i want to shine

...so that you will shine like stars in the universe.

on a side-note/subject bar

the music at starbucks usually sucks, no matter where the starbucks. every once and a while, you get lucky and its some funky jazz or norah jones or alanis, but usually its just bad. my starbucks was the exception bc the cool guys that worked here hooked up their ipods and we jammed to the shins or coldplay or really anything better than what they play now. haha its sad now. oh well, back to the ipod. thats my way of directly insulting the music choice by the way. you know its good when i dont break it out.

and our crosscountry kids won again yesterday at the spartan invitational. the girls got first and boys got second only because 2 of our best runners decided they didnt want to "waste their saturday mornings" (thats a direct quote). but it was exciting and they got trophies which are at home in my car til we make them put them in the case at their school.

i hate 316. 6 times (3x back and forth) since thursday. now that is crap. but it was for good reason all of which i enjoyed, so it was totally worth it. but i still loathe it. (haha loathe. thats a good word)

so in conclusion

im tired
but im glad and hopeful (i almost put hoeful bc im dyslexic..no im not hoeful)
i love middleschool cc
i hate starbucks music but love starbucks to death
and i hate 316 except for when i get all the green lights and the pretty sunsets on the farms

arent you glad you just read all that?

dont answer that
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where oh where has my little "it" gone? oh where oh where could "it" be? [Sep. 28th, 2005|11:51 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |col pday "fix you" aka the best song ever]

dang yo im like a livejournal whore. aka im bored as crap. i do this like its my job now. crazy.

so im wondering about the "it" factor. if you dont know what "it" is, i cant help you. haha. but no really, arent you supposed to want to hang out with the guy you "like?" i mean, sometimes i do and sometimes i dont. but whatever "it" is, "it's" missing. sometimes. my "it" factor is lost. if you know where "it" is or where "it" can be found, please return "it" to "its" owner. namely, me. got "it???"

"lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
and i will try
to fix you"


i love that song. but its so empty.

i love it because it just goes to show that we all want to fix ourselves...but it doesnt work

and i am glad for that
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song for a friend [Sep. 27th, 2005|01:06 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

im living in my own world
taking up my own right
and when i do that i miss you
i miss you
and who you are
because its not my right
because its not alright

i hold on
clasp my fist
i dont want to let it go
to let it go
ill hold on tight
its not alright

he's at the edge
of something big
bigger than himself
he cries out to the night
he wants to find you
to find you

but he's putting up a fight
he's holding on tight
its not alright
its not alright

big bang theory
rocks smooth as skin
are we an accident?
grand erosion

stamped images
we were created
will he figure it out?
figure you out

let it go
let it go
itll be alright
itll be alright

He's right there
just let it go
hold out your hand
He'll understand

hold on tight
itll be alright
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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2005|04:41 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |jack johnson at bucks bc my friend jeff has awesome taste]

my dog died friday. isnt that sad?

pray for my friend. hes on the verge of something big.

pray for my new friend cheroke. hes a crazy old man in downtown athens. i like him. but then again, hes crazy so of course i do.

im so bored of little gods while standing on the edge of something large. (david crowder--his old cd, but check out the new one it seriously is awesome).

im so glad i have a hope and a life in jesus.

im sad others dont.

please look for jesus. hes already looking for you.
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